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Friday, 16 January 2015

new Year's offers!

Lose weight with hypnotherapy and get in great shape for 2015!
£20 off your first weight control session when booked in January.

Using hypnotherapy we can ask the subconscious to modify lifestyle and we can work with increasing the will power in the right, constructive direction. We can evoke the desire to change for healthy natural reasons without causing distress to the body or the mind. Factors such as old behaviours, feelings and emotions, habits and exercise level can all be altered during the hypnotic process simply and easily, so successful weight control will continue for the rest of our lives.

As hypnotherapists we believe that if you know what you should be eating and what exercise you should be taking then you don't need to be educated on what you should eat and what exercise to do to lose weight . All you need is the “how” to make all you know happen. Hypnotherapy simply removes your subconscious programming from getting in the way of your success. And yes you can re-learn to like healthy foods!

We are offering £20 off your first weight control hypnotherapy session or you can buy 4 sessions in advance for the price of £230! Make 2015 the year when you feel great about yourself!
CALL 0800 313 4233 today!

New year offers!


Be smoke FREE for 2015! Get your new year resolution back on track the easy way!
£30 off Stop Smoking programme when booked in January

Hypnotherapy is a very successful way to stop smoking. Smokers often believe that they are addicted to nicotine. The physical addiction to nicotine however is minimal and it is in fact the psychological habit which smokers are addicted to.

Hypnotherapy overcomes the psychological addiction by using the power of your subconscious mind to change your thoughts process on smoking. Hypnosis allows the habit of being a smoker to be replaced with the habit of being a non-smoker in a single session.

Sessions last for 90 minutes and the price is usually £160 in office hours and £200 evenings and weekend. During January all bookings taken will attract an immediate £30 discount to help you get your new year off to a great start.

Andy Cox will personally undertake the session with you. His success rate is around 90% and included in the one price is 6 month after care support and audio cd to take away. The 6 month after care support means that if in the unlikely event we are unsuccessful you can return to us for free to have the work done again at our expense!

What are you waiting for? - make 2015 the best year by being smoke free - happier and healthier and in control again!

CALL 0800 313 4233
QOTD: Everything a man achieves and fails to is the direct result of his own thooughts - James Allen  http://tinyurl.com/3af9lhn

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hypnosis Christmas Gift Cards


Can’t decide what to get for that person who has everything?

Not sure whether your someone special even likes your choice of presents?

Our gift cards are the perfect alternative to stressed out present buying!

Due to popular demand we have made gift card purchasing easier this year, simply, make your selection and click pay!  Easy.

Choose from:
  • Seasonal Gift Card “Scarlet” - One hour hypnosis session
  • Seasonal Gift Card “Gold” - One “premium” hour and a half session
  • “Best Friend” Gift Cards - Discount  the cost of a full hypnotherapy session or a one half hour hypno- relaxation session.
  • The “Freedom” Gift Card - Where you simply choose the amount you would like to spend
Visit http://www.southlondonhypnosis.com/giftcards.html  and buy the perfect Christmas present - stress free!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy support Stoptober campaign - We are pleased to help the campaign by offering £50 off all stop smoking sessions throughout “Stoptober”!
Assured Effects have a new clinic in Clapham - We are delighted to announce we are now operating from the well-established and highly recommended Clapham Common Clinic on Clapham High Street - just a couple of minutes walk from Clapham Common tube station.