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Hypnosis can release causes for fears or phobias, then permanently release them

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In Hypnosis a subject can improve or change any physical or mental ability

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Did you know that there is a 'fear of phobias'- phobophobia!

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Hypnosis is a pleasant state of deep relaxation.

Stoptober! Join the thousands of people across Britain who are giving up smoking this October - But this time stop for good!
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Meditation can help smokers smoke less.

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy responds to a report in the Health Day News published last week which stated “Learning a type of meditation technique might make it easier for smokers to cut down, at least on a short-term basis”

Although the report at face value seems good news it is based on a trial group of just 5 subjects.

Andy Cox, director of Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth and London, commented “Whilst it is good to cut down on smoking, stopping smoking for good surely has to be preferable. 70% of smokers in the UK want to stop smoking. And three quarters of all smokers have tried to give up at some point in the past.”

“Hypnotherapy is a very successful way to stop smoking. Smokers often believe that they are addicted to nicotine. The physical addiction to nicotine however is minimal and it is in fact the psychological habit which smokers are addicted to. Hypnotherapy overcomes the psychological addiction by using the power of your subconscious mind to change your thoughts process on smoking. Hypnosis allows the habit of being a smoker to be replaced with the habit of being a non-smoker in a single session.”

Assured Effects Hypnotherapy are based in London and Bounremouth and can be found at and

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Increase in Alcohol Addiction The BCC recently reported "The number of prescriptions to help people dependent on alcohol has increased by 75% in nine years, a government report on England says."  Hypnotherapy can help combat addictions.  Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Poole Bournemouth Dorset deals successfully with many addictions each year.

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Can a self-help book aid depression? Can a self-help book aid depression? BBC Health reports that a study suggests prescribing self help books on the NHS is an effective treatment for depression. More than 200 patients who have been diagnosed with depression by their GP took part in the study. Half of these will also on anti-depressant drugs. Some were provided with a self help guide dealing with different aspects of depression. Patients also had three sessions with an advisor who helped them get the most out of the books and plan what changes to make. Those who have been prescribed the self help books had significantly lower levels of depression after four months than those who received usual GP care.

A year later those in the self-help group were found to be more likely to keep on top of their depression.

Sessions can be delivered in general practice without the patient being referred to a specialist. This in turn takes the pressure off waiting lists. This approach is worth investing and has been estimated that it could save the NHS up to £272 million and the wider public sector £700 million.

A consultant in adult psychiatry said the results show that self-help is effective and is something the NHS should be investing in.

Depression saps people's motivation and makes it hard to believe change is possible but these trials have had a really significant clinical impact and the results of very encouraging.

The consultant is currently advising on a national books on prescription scheme to be rolled out across the UK's public libraries this year. Self-help would not be suitable for everybody has the patient must be committed to doing some work.

Andy Cox of Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Poole Bounemouth Dorset said this is a significant study. When clients come to see me for hypnotherapy self-help is always encouraged. This is done by way of training in self hypnosis and following easy and fun exercises. This significantly reduces the number of hypnotherapy session needed and speeds the clients recovery time and makes the changes more long lasting.

New figures on alcohol addiction in UK The BCC recently reported "The number of prescriptions to help people dependent on alcohol has increased by 75% in nine years, a government report on England says."  Hypnotherapy can help combat addictions.  Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Poole Bournemouth Dorset deals successfully with many addictions each year.

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Which foods have negative calories?  Last week the BBC published an article which will it all dying to see the results of! Are there any foods that have negative calories.  Negative calories are where food take more calories to burn then they provide the body.

So what about celery? If you thought it have negative calories -  wrong! There are only 10 calories in a large stick of celery, however the body only takes only two calories to digest it, So here comes the answer - there are actually no foods that have negative calories. Sorry for the bad news but that's the truth!

Andy Cox of Assured Effects Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth said "Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to losing weight. However, if we can retrain the mind to enjoy foods whether high in calories or low in calories - we still enjoy weight loss while eating sensible portions and having a healthy lifestyle. Hypnotherapy can help you to do this". 

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A goal without a date is just a dream Milton Erikson

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Re: Year's New Solutions!

If your New Year's Resolutions have got in a bit of a jumble or you have fallen by the wayside, take heart and read on!

Each new year 45% of adults make one or more resolutions or goals for themselves. But research has shown that by mid-January, 30% of “resolutioners” have scaled back their resolution efforts; by June, most have given up their resolutions altogether.

Surprisingly 50% of people making resolutions feel confident about the success of their NYRs, yet only 10% actually achieve them. So why is this?

The reason why most people fail to keep resolutions is that for the majority of time they don’t think about them ... and this is natural. The behaviours we want to change are unwanted habits and these are controlled by the sub-conscious mind.

Andy Cox, Clinical Hypnotherapist at Assured Effects in Bournemouth and South London, explains “It is very difficult to break habits because when we have performed behaviour for several years we seemingly act entirely automatically and can have a cigarette or chocolate bar in our hands without even consciously thinking about.  People are too hard on themselves when they lapse, and think they need to go back to square one – this is not true. They just need a new approach”

Hypnotherapy can change our sub-conscious beliefs and habits and get rid of our unwanted habits for good.
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Lancet Study on Women Smokers

Women who stop smoking by the age of 30 'evade earlier death risks'. A Study of more than a million women in the U.K. showed that those who gave up smoking by the age of 30 avoid the risks of dying from tobacco - related diseases almost completely. On average, they lost a month of life and if they stopped by the age of 40 they lost a year. Lifelong smokers died a decade earlier than those who had never smoked.

It is really important to convince young people not to start smoking. The picture is the same for both men and women.

The crucial risk factor is time spent smoking, rather than the amount. Professor Peto said, "If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day for 40 years it's a lot more dangerous than smoking 20 cigarettes aday for 20 years. Even if you smoke a few cigarettes a day you're twice as likely to die at middle age".

Smoking also has more effects on the body than leading to an early death, such as ageing of the skin . It can also affect fertility and there are dangers from smoking during and after pregnancy.


Key facts:

* Smoking kills.

* Stopping works.

* The earlier you stop the better.

* Smoking is responsible for more than five million deaths worldwide every year.

* Smoking tobacco is a known or possible cause of around 25 diseases.

* Cigarette smoke contains 4000 chemicals that can damage the human body.

* Eighty of which are known to cause cancer.

* Smokers are five times more likely to give up for good after 28 days of not smoking.

* The best thing for your health is to avoid smoking at all.


For more information on stopping smoking contact Assured Effects Hypnotherapy on 0800 313 4233or