Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gift Cards from Assured Effects Hypnotherapy

Are you wondering what to give a friend or relative for a present? Still looking for that unique and personal gift idea? What happens when your loved one simply has EVERYTHING?
How can you show your love with a present?

Assured Effects gift cards are the perfect solution to showing you care!

We are all concerned about body workouts but what about the mind? One hypnotherapy relaxation session could make an enormous difference to stress levels.

Due to popular demand we have made gift card purchasing easier this year, simply, make your selection and click pay!  Easy.

Our gift cards are the perfect alternative to stressed out present buying!

Choose from:
  • Seasonal Gift Card "Scarlet" - One hour hypnosis session
  • Seasonal Gift Card "Gold" - One "premium" hour and a half session
  • "Best Friend" Gift Cards - Discount the cost of a full hypnotherapy session                                             - A one half hour hypno- relaxation session.
  • The "Freedom" Gift Card - Where you simply choose the amount you would like to spend

  •  All avaialble to purchase online securely using PayPal.