Monday, 10 December 2012

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Smoking “rots” brain says King’s College study.

According to research, smoking damages memory, learning and reasoning. The study showed that high blood pressure and being overweight also seemed to affect the brain, but to a lesser degree. This was the conclusion after a study of 8,800 people over 50 indicated that lifestyles could affect the mind as well as the baby.

Researchers at Kings investigating links between the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke and the state of the brain, collected data about the lifestyle and health of a group of over 50’s and made participants perform various brain tests. These tests were performed again after four and eight years.
The results showed that there was a ‘consistent association’ between smoking and lower scores in the tests, those with the highest risk of heart attack or stroke showed the greatest cognitive decline.

People need to be aware of the importance of looking after their cardiovascular health from midlife and their need to make some lifestyle changes because of the risk of cognitive decline.
Dr. Alex Dregan said, “Cognitive decline becomes more common with aging and for an increasing number of people interferes with daily functioning and well-being.”

However, researchers are not sure if the early drop in brain function could lead to conditions such as dementia.

Lifestyle that is bad for our heart can be bad for our brain too.
One in three people over 65 will develop Dementia.

What’s bad for our heart and head?

1.       Smoking
2.       High blood pressure
3.       High cholesterol levels
4.       High body mass index
Reduce your risk by…

1.       Eat a balanced diet
2.       Maintain a healthy weight
3.       Exercise regularly
4.       Get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly
5.       Do not smoke
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